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Complimentary Engraving for all Engagement Ring & Wedding Bands
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About Us
About Us
About Us

About Us

Growing up with parents in this trade, Jocelyn has been exposed to the world of gems and jewellery from a tender age. This eventually led her to pursue a Diploma in Jewellery Design and a Degree majoring in 3D Design. After working in the jewellery scene for a few years, Jocelyn noticed a gap between consumers and jewellers - the lack of personalised keepsakes that evoke emotions. 

Thus, the birth of Vault Fine Jewellery. Vault Fine Jewellery was founded by Jocelyn on the basis that every piece of jewellery should carry a special meaning that is close to our hearts. Being the artisan she is, Jocelyn places great emphasis on craftsmanship and quality of the jewellery you get at Vault. She believe in owning keepsakes that offer an enduring wear for present and possibly be passed down through generations, with stories to tell.  


Your story, our journey ; we want you to be a part of the entire process. Afterall, we are here to celebrate and embrace your unique milestones and occasions.

From materials selection, to conceptualizing and design, and right down to the completion of the jewellery. Every process is well thought out, personalised and crafted in the best interest for you. 


Vault Fine Jewellery is a licensed jeweller based in Singapore and we work with the following fine materials:

18kt Gold (AU750)

GIA Natural Diamond, Natural Gemstones, Natural Type A Jadeite

(For other material enquiry, kindly email us at enquiries@vaultfinejewellery.com)