Rose Gold

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18k Trio Yellow and White Diamond Ring
4.43gm65Dia RD 0.56ct1Dia PE 0.23ct1Dia OV 0.28ct1 Dia HT 0.25ct     As Featured On:
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2.57gm72Dia RD 0.65ct1Dia Morganite 1.60ct   As Featured On:
18k WR w Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring
18k White and Rose Gold with  Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring 3.32gm26Dia RD 0.39ctPink Sapphire 0.63ct     As Featured On:
Milee Diamond Ring
$1,220.00 $2,200.00
$1,220.00 $2,200.00
*Sold Individually* Available in 18k White, 18k Rose, 18k Yellow 2.73gm13pcs Diamond 0.39ct
18k Marquise Halo Diamond Ring
Marquise Halo Diamond Ring 18k White Gold 4.48gm 48Dia RD 0.66ct 1Dia MQ 0.51ct   As Featured On: