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At Vault Fine Jewellery, from design to materials and completion of the jewellery, every process is well thought out and fabricated in the best interest for you. We take pride in our brand and craftsmanship, ensuring you are in for an enjoyable and trustworthy experience.


Diamonds & Gems
Diamonds & Gems

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Packaging & Sizer
Packaging & Sizer

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Wedding Bands
Wedding Bands

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Our Testimonials

Jie Ming & Natalie

It was an absolute pleasure getting my 四点金 made at Vault Jewellery. Jocelyn was patient and helpful in the design process, and took care in making pieces that suited my tastes. I really enjoyed the process!


Zhi Quan & Wendy

I got my proposal ring crafted by Vault Fine Jewellery and I absolutely loved the final creation. The ring was what I wanted and Vault is able to design the ring so creatively unique that you won't be able to see in other shops.

Definitely, recommend anyone who is looking out for a bespoke ring, be it proposal or wedding band because you will not be disappointed!


Simon Joliet

My fiancée and I were looking for the perfect engagement ring. We went to half a dozen jewelry stores in Singapore before finding Vault. First and foremost, the customer service provided was second to none when compared to every single jewelry store we had been visiting so far. Then it turns out that it is not easy to find special diamonds (especially in the cut and color section). Vault has a lot of special, unique diamonds that would be very hard to find anywhere else, at least as far as our experience is concerned. We got our heart set on one salt and pepper diamond; Vault did an amazing job working with our specifications, from setting to engraving. I can count on one hand the number of times when I had such an amazing customer experience. We would absolutely recommend Vault.

Seth & Mayshella

Excellent Service. We are very pleased with the quality of service that your company provides! We sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and patience. We have recommended it to others because of our satisfaction with your service. Thank you!

Valene & Yi Quan

My husband and I got our wedding bands customised here and never once did we regret our decision. Right from the start, Jocelyn was very helpful in suggesting and sketching designs to suit our individual needs and for our wedding bands to match. She was so detailed in her measurements just to make sure my wedding band and engagement ring will fit properly. She was also frank and honest in her recommendations, this is how she ensures the best for her clients. We loved the outcome of our wedding bands and we definitely recommend Vault Fine Jewellery. Thank you  for creating such beautiful rings for us to wear for a lifetime!


Nicole & Bing Zong

BZ and I got my 四点金 from Vault after heading to some other brands that are offering Jade SDJ. I didn't feel out of place & could trust VFL to design my SDJ.

I also loved that because VFJ is a bespoke jeweler, my pieces are made for me and they'll not be found elsewhere. I'd rather spend a little more to purchase something that makes me happy & I will wear.

I went against the tradition and got a full white gold + topaz jade SDJ, no regrets! Will always go back if I am purchasing something bespoke! ☺️

Vanessa & Fabian

My experience with Vault Fine Jewellery was exceptionally good. Jocelyn takes the time to listen to what we wanted. That's really what customers need. The finished product was exactly what we asked for, and we couldn't have been happier with our wedding bands. Thumbs up

Jasmine & Wei Cai

I just got proposed with a beautiful engagement ring done by Vault Fine Jewellery! Loved how Vault and my bf added more elements to a solitaire ring, so much that I gotta look at it a few times a day. Thank you ❤

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