Necklace Length Guide

To measure your necklace length, you can follow these steps:

-Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string.

-Decide where you want the necklace to sit on your neck. For example, if you want a choker-style necklace, you may want to measure around the base of your neck. If you want a longer necklace, you may want to measure lower on your neck or at your collarbone.

-If you're using a measuring tape, wrap it around your neck at the desired location and make note of the measurement in inches or cm.

-If you're using a piece of string, wrap it around your neck at the desired location and mark where the string meets itself with a pen or marker. Then, lay the string flat and measure the length in inches or cm. 

-Use the measurement to choose the appropriate necklace length. Common necklace lengths include:

  • Choker (14 inches/36 cm): Sits snugly around the base of the neck.
  • Princess (18 inches/46 cm): Sits at the collarbone.
  • Matinee (20-24 inches/51-61 cm): Sits at the center of the chest.
  • Opera (28-36 inches/71-91 cm): Sits below the chest.
  • Rope (over 36 inches/91 cm): Can be worn as a long necklace or wrapped multiple times for a layered look.

Keep in mind that necklace lengths can vary depending on the style and design of the necklace, so make sure to check the length specifications for the specific necklace you're interested in purchasing.

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